Fee Structure

I give the client control over their legal bills with Fixed Fees!

The two primary complaints I hear about legal services is that hourly rates are too high and that there is no transparency over how much the bill will be. Clients have little if any control over their legal bills.

For some engagements, where the scope of the work is clear from the start, my fixed fees approach puts clients in control of their legal services budget. My goal is for my clients to be informed about what legal services are required and to be able to make reasonable decisions about what services they want to purchase.

Specific legal services can be provided based on a fixed price list that is made a partof the engagement with each client. I give you control over how the legal fee will be structured.  I break down transactions into the components, such as the various agreements to be entered into. I charge for each component based on the length of the document, and the level of service you want for that component. For each component, I will quote a fee that is good for 30 days. You can choose a different level of service for different parts of a transaction.

Each fixed fee quote also includes Unmetered Consultations™ for the 30-day term. Unmetered Consultations™ provide reasonable access to an experienced attorney for consultations on issues directly related to the matters for which the attorney has been engaged. The time required for such consultations is “unmetered” (i.e., not tracked) and no additional fees are charged.

For engagements that are difficult to break down into component parts, or that involve more strategy and planning, it is more difficult to quote a Fixed Fee.  However, in some cases, I can bridge that gap by offering Trusted Advisor services, which are in effect a monthly retainer for legal services outside of a specific Fixed Fee quote.